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  1. [quote name='jaws75' post='523038' date='Jun 23 2006, 01:40 PM']If you have a problem you didn't buy it! GO BUY IT! Any solution to this problem will be used primaily for stealing from the artists. [b]I vote this topic closed.[/b] Downloading a .wma for free and then circumventing the protection is the same as downloading the .mp3 from a peer to peer. thanks p.s. I have a couple of friends in a platinum selling band. They are not rich. Let's keep the bands making music. Support them.[/quote] I know this is an old topic, but I have been doing a lot of searching today because I BOUGHT a cd that I want to play on my ipod. I can't do this because of the 'copy protection' . I paid full price for this cd, and I would NEVER rip music that friends offer me, or download it from p2p networks... I am really offended by your implication that the only reason to oppose DRM is because you want to steal music.