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  1. Would this be the temp folder for windows or the temp folder for the 7Lite tool? Fingers crossed it for the 7Lite tool coz I don't have 20GB free space on C drive
  2. LOL that comment reminds of the good old days with nlite. This application will improve with time. I too would like to echo the message that someone posted with regards to making W7 WAIK a prerequisite. It should help with the application size too. Keep up the good work!
  3. First off let me say THANK YOU THANK YOU for 7Customizer. I noticed a couple of things that I would like to t bring to your attention. 1. Tweaks > Start Menu, there is a typo in the first drop down box. 'Defualt' instead of 'Default' 2. The last stage of the ISO file creation I notice an 'error' message saying that the 'boot.wi could not be found in the sources folder.' Is that another possible typeo in the script? There is a '' file in that folder. I've attached an image of the message to make it easier to understand.