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  1. Hi W3bbo , no way , I tried safe mode , last know configuration,,,,,,,,,,, but no results , blue screen says stop c000021a , process of system logon ended unexpectedly witha error state of 0xc0000135 system has shut down , really do no what to do , thanks
  2. Hello , I am new here , so I do not really know if this is the correct place to drop my problem , I installed yesterday Xpize 5 (last version) Windows XP accepted it , but when rebooting it failed , pc keeps rebooting again and again but does not come to start , could anyone help please ???? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello Alll , I installed yesterday XPIZE 5 , the latest update , after installing it needed to reboot , I did , but it never started again , it is rebooting again and again , but never comes through , can anybody help , please ???? Thanks in advance