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  1. Thanks anyway I still felt the hard disk and now works lighthouse lìaggiornamento firmware to see if everything ok
  2. i have ttl rs232 I connected the hard disk and I made the procedure BSY F3 T> F3 T> / 2 (enter) F3 2> F3 2> Z (enter) Complete Spin Down Elapsed Time 0147 msecs (the time will vary here) F3 2> F3 2> U (enter) F3 2> / 1 (enter) F3 1> N1 (enter) F3 1> / T (Enter) F3 T> i4, 1.22 (enter) Power OFF / ON the drive everything ok over here I rekindled the HD and the pc crashed I recovered and reconnecting the hard drive and show REQUEST RESUME SAVE SMART FRAME SORRY MY ENGLISH
  3. now i connect hd show REQUEST RESUME SAVE SMART FREAM
  4. help me and sorry my english my hyperterminal click CTRL + Z and you see an arrow pointing right