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  1. While my child was using Toshiba satellite with Windows XP today, warning messages of "Internet security 2010" started popping up all the time. So, I searched the internet to find out how to fix it. I found that Spybot Search & Destroy was recommened, so I downloaded this and removed infected files. After I restarted the computer, I cannot login. Three users are registered with this computer, so I restarted it, and clicked my icon to login. The computer starts loading Windows XP, but when I see the wallpaper, it starts logging off. I restarted the computer a couple times to login, but it is always the same way, and I cannot use this computer. Another user failed to login. How can I fix this problem? Since we got this virus infection today, I think it may be easier just to reset and restore the computer to the previous date. Is it possible to do it?