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  1. Last week I did some tests on my new 2,5" hard disk, Samsung HM641Ji, with HD Tune 4.6 and it show me some WARNING on section Calibration retry count(you can see the pictures). Today I ran it again HD Tune and I noticed a change... Calibration retry count is rising! Now, I want to know if I should worry about this or I can live with this warning!! Thx!!
  2. First, I hope you will return healthy!!!

    2nd.Please read this:

  3. @blue4603 it's possible to make this application to do a multi-edition of windows 7?? It will be great if you can do this... Normaly, you know very well, W7 becomes multi-edition if we delete ei.cfg. From the 1st pass 7customizer ask for chose what version we want to customize. And 2nd question, can you make some option to delete from themes and wallpapers tabs, unwanted files. Thx
  4. (my case) Very powerfull this combination, Dsfok + TestDisk + smart brain(your, of course) B) Gratire ancora per tutto l'aiuto!!!
  5. Hi jaclaz, I have another question ... Now I'm trying to recover the hdd, and I dont know how to apply "first2049mod.bin" directly to hdd since the hdd isn't recognized. I dont know the command line. Thx again!! l.e. or the procedure is other: 1st rebuild .img then mount.img 2nd format HDD and then copy ffiles from partition mounted... I'm stuck...
  6. I don't like "smoke" - Thx again jaclaz...I'll spend some time to aknowledge that info.... A "litle" gift for you!! :
  7. "Orice prost poate să ştie. Scopul este să înţelegi." - Albert Einstein

  8. WOW!!I don't belive it. This is Greath!! Mission Acomplishied!! Thank's a lot jaclaz!!! I want to know how did you repair my sectors . Can you explain me all procedures, tools...here on pm...I want to learn to do this by my self, off course if is not a secret !!! Again thank you very very much, for all your time lost with me.
  9. How can I run testdisk on img without mounting? I've opened testdisk and it shows me only real hdd(from my desktop). l.e. OK, I realized ... I used drag and drop
  10. Hi!! Here I am with last requested sectors: last5000.bin Thx again!
  11. Maybe all data in the begining of hdd is altered because of all recovery apps what I've used. Here, first5000.bin.
  12. 2048 blocks was default sets from ImDisk Virtual, also I tested with 4096(default NTFS) and I recived the same results. How many blocks must put in there? And yes, I want a partition recovery instead of file recovery ...You understand me very well. Thx jaclaz! Here the file who you request!
  13. Hi, I'm back again...with some good news!! OK, I've done the image of HDD. For results see the picture below: After that I have decided to try something and I mounted the full image with ImDisk Virtual with this settings: Then I tried "File Scavenger" with "a long scan" on new mounted partition "H" After 1 hour of scanning...File Scavenger found me all files, you can see that in the picture: But I dont have so much free space, to copy founded files on other partition. Now I'm asking you, if it's posible to recostruct, somehow, the original partition, to no longer need copying those files on another hdd. @jaclaz, I scaned the partition twice, with Testdisk, but with no results!! maybe I'm doing something wrong... Thank's guys, especialy to jaclaz!!!!!
  14. @ nitropuppy, Sorry, I didn't know that it is warez... Accept my apology! @ jaclaz, Thx again, I have 52in1 internal card reader, in floppy place, but I'll disconnect from usb and yes, I have just one HDD....About freespace, I have to delete something...For now I have only 110GB free. Sorry, I don't remember that. I never was curious about his size. But if you look in the firt post, picture made in disk management, the size seems to be 111,79GB. Is that relevat?
  15. HI jaclaz, I just have read it, your 1st reference link, and for now I want to colne entire hdd. I'll put him into another pc on sata cable, and will be the 2nd hdd on that pc...so it will be Physical drive 1...right? The tool I'll need to use it for backup is dsfok toolkit, right?! Then, I follow your command: After that I'll wait for a while...until I've got a message like: ========================================================= I partitioned about 6 months ago, and I dont remember details. I think it was on windows or maybe, I used some tool from Hiren Boot Cd, I don't remember, how I created the partition... Sorry Also, I dont know how to get the exact size, in bytes. Below is a picture with hdd, maybe it will hepl somehow.. I'll be back with extracted sector!! Thx a lot for your help!!