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  1. If you're referring to their 'Reinstallation' discs, yes. I have used the Dell WinXP SP2 Reinstallation Disc many times without any issues. If you change the unattended settings it will overwrite the Dell options, but that was my intention. Hopefully that helps.
  2. It seems that you can declare multiple dependencies, but not an either/or dependency for program entries (e.g. ProgC is dependent on either ProgA or ProgB, but not both). Here's the example: I have two different Ogg Vorbis encoders which are mutually exclusive. Either one based on libVorbis, or one based on aoTuVb5.7. I also have a program 'ProgC' that I wan't to be installed only if one of the encoders is installed. One suggestion I found is to have two options: 'ProgC'+OggEnc-libVorbis & 'ProgC'+OggEnc-aoTuVb5.7, and have those be mutually exclusive. However the OggEnc program can be used by itself. I would like to keep the option to install the OggEnc separately. I already have a workaround for this specific problem, so this is really more of a curiosity. I would like to thank you for your thoughts and insight. Also, please excuse the long winded approach; just trying to be clear.