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  1. I am just downloading to try and am very hopeful and grateful for your effort, I will leave feedback after I give it a shot, thanks for all your hard work it's appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am using Windows 7 and cut it down using the 7Xtreme guide: 7XTREME (32 & 64 BIT) * Accessories (Notepad, Paint, Wordpad) * Hardware Support (Printer Support, Windows Image Acquisition, WLAN Support) * Multimedia (Media & Photo Metadata Handlers, Aero Theme) * Network (DFS, Network & Sharing Center, QoS, Firewall) * System (Component Cache (winsxs), MDAC, Microsoft HTML Engine, UAC, Picture & Fax Viewer) My question is, is there anyway to reinstall the Media Center and Burning Drives without reformatting my whole system?? If anyone knows of a way to do this can you please let me know, thank you Last_Session.ini