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  1. Thanks for posting the working nForce chipset driver package version, which might help other users with the same mainboard.Which is the exact nForce chipset name of your mainboard? Is it the nForce Professional 3000 series? The board is Tyan S2915 which is Nforce 3600 + Nforce 3050
  2. Thanks for all the help just a small update i am using Tyan S2915-E with NVRaid BIOS 9.83 version. In order for Win XP SP2 x64 to work i needed to work with 9.24 release , older driers are not working
  3. thanks i was thinking about the acronis im age i have but somtimes on large images that i open from dvd i get problems - usually with 4GB image. this is why the Ram drive is for - i load the program to ram drive and then (i don't know why ) i open the same image from the dvd and it opens ok
  4. Hi i hope i could explain myself good. i want to craete a boot dvd when it loads it will create ram drive and i want to run program from that ram drive. the final goal is to make a boot dvd with my computer HD image that will open automatically to a HD of my choosing. Thanks Liqnit
  5. Hi u can set the page file size to 0 (zero). restart and then do the image this is how i did it once ... i used PQDI. good luck