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  1. A clean boot doesn't seem to help; function "0xfffffa80077005a0" is still 30% in the "Actual Duration" column, and it still doesn't know what it is. I'm not reading that wrong, am I? It's not the "system idle" process under a cunningly concealed name, right? The next greatest usage is hal.dll, but that only comes in at a palty .09 "% Actual Duration". I can't see how that would affect performance.
  2. I had Deamon Tools, but I removed it when I read that some people found that DT was slowing their computers. In any event, my computer was sluggish before I installed DT, so I can only infer that its not a result of DT. In fact, when I first installed Windows 7, I only had 3 gigs of RAM in, and I was so sick of the sluggishness that I upped it to 8 gigs (all new chips).
  3. MagicAndre, excellent tutorial. However, when I got the table, the module that was eating up all my CPU was "Unknown", and the function was "0xfffffa80076e15a0". This was in the Interrupt CPU Usage Table. In the DCP CPU Usage table, the big boy was a very similar process; Module "Unknown", and function "0xfffffa80076e10a0". Do you have any insight? I would attach the ELT, but it's 54 megs...