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  1. Attached are a couple of screenshots I took. I'm not 100% sure what I need to do. If I go to one of the 2 shown in the overview and select "Rebuild", I get the message shown in green. Does that mean I need to select one of them and delete it? What do I need to do after that?
  2. Hey guys, have the following problem. Tried installign Windows but it wouldn't find my Raid 1 setup. Then I used Fernandos SATARAID 1110333 Mod 32 Bit driver and got Windows installed. It's been running fine now for 2 weeks. One morning I saw that Windows had rebooted but didn't know what happened. A day later I realized, that I suddenly had two hard drives in "My Computer" instead of the one RAID 1 array. During the day I did not notice the change I kept using the PC and due to that the two hard drives have slightly differnt data on them now. In the Windows Event Viewer I saw that it logged the following things: Event ID 259: The signature for Raid Array \Device\00000068 - NVIDIA MIRROR 1.81T was updated after a degrade. Event ID 262: Raid Array \Device\00000068 - NVIDIA MIRROR 1.81T was marked as degraded. A Raid Disk from the Array was not enumerated correctly. I went to the NVIDIA Control Panel and it showed that the array was degraded. It had the option of repairng or rebuilding (can't remember the exact term). Decided to make a Backup Image before proceeding. In the process of installing the backup software I had to reboot the PC. I noticed in the RAID Boot Manager which get shown during the boot process, that both drives were flashing red and were labeled degraded. Back in Windows the Array is now not shown anymore in NVIDIA Control Panel!? How can I join the 2 drives back together to one MIRROR Array without the array being recognized by NVIDIAs Control Panel?? I have no clue. Could the driver be the reason? Please help me with this. Thanks Jaxx
  3. Thanks Fernando 1 ! I have a Asus TW100-E5 Barebone which has a Asus P5N-VM WS motherboard in it.
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to install XP 32Bit on 2TB Raid 1 on a NVIDIA Integrated Quadro FX470 system. The raid controller according to the manual is a NVIDIA MediaShield RAID controller. Which driver do I need to use to make a slipstream? The FX470 chipset I have is not listed under any of the drivers listed in this thread. I'd be happy if you could help me out with this! Thanks Jaxx