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  1. I would try it with hyperterminal, you can download or copy it if you're running Vista or Windows 7. Also, try swapping your RX and TX wires. I thought I had mine right and they were backwards. Good luck!
  2. Yes, I tried doing it the business card way and also removing the whole PCB and putting it back on between "spindown" and "spinup" (while SATA power is attached from the start). It's probably worth noting that my drive has a second contact point which is a rectangle around one of the screws in the middle of the board. S/N: 9QJ0PWJ3 ST31000340AS P/N: 9BX158-335 Firmware: SD15 Date Code: 08434 Site Code: KRATSG Any other ideas anyone? I'm desparate!
  3. First off, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the fix. NOW... I have two of the 7200.11 drives and they are both having the BUSY error. I have searched on the following problem and found nothing but some possible correlation to these "unknown diag cmd" drives coming from Fry's Electronics (this is where I bought my two 7200.11's). I got to the spin up complete, then issue: F3 2>/1 F3 1>N1 Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4 I also tried the command to list available commands, and I get the same error. At this point, I have no idea what else I can try. Has anyone else gotten past this error? Anything else I can try short of sending the drives to Seagate? Thanks so much!