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  1. Hi All, I am looking for a way to "sniff" and save the memory ram and the Cache from MAC OS into a flash drive. The reason is that: I have created video files and encrypted them with AES algorithm (the same password for all of them). The files don't require a password for running them but if you try to run them without specific video player you will have an error message that the files are corrupted. I have build a video player which first decrypts the video files (with a saved in it password) and then run the selected video. Without the video player the video files are useless (because the encryption). The video files are saved on the mac computer and the video player is located on a disk flash so every time that I want to watch the videos I plug the disk flash to the mac, run (double click) the video player and immediately remove the disk flash from the mac itself without coping the player to the mac (the video player is still running and decrypt and play every selected file that I select). The video files remain encrypted by trying to have access to them outside the video player (the video player just reading them and not modify the original video files). I want to test the encryption by somehow sniffing to the temporary location which the video player is running and "sniffing" the video player or the decrypted video files from myself. Any idea how to sniff that temporary location and "steal" the video player or the decrypt video files? Many Thanks for any advice or direction how to act. Regards,
  2. Hi All, For a new website that I want to establish, I am looking for users management system. The system shuld able me to manage users (accounts, credits etc) and power users (accounts, credits, details etc). The purpose site is to give a paid service to its visitors. A service which will be given by the power users to the registered users. By looking and researching the internet, I recognize that there is already constructed systems which I can buy or rent and implement in my site for this purpose. (instead of pay extra money for programmer hours to build such a system from zero than make only few changes in already finished one) Is anybody can please guied me or at least give me the right direction for where shoud I look? I don't know where can I find such systems to rent or buy. Many Thanks!
  3. has those drawings have been drew by flash painter? Can't belive it. Is that all you need flash?
  4. Hi All, What is required beside the talent for creating such videos? I mean, what are the softwares, the programing langauge and other technical stuff that are needed for creating such videos? Where is the start point and what are the further steps? (besides that the sky is the limit ) I'll appreciate any answer. Cheers,
  5. Many Thanks for the help and especially for the encouragement
  6. against it? Because my lack of knowledge or because the hard drive does not fit? If it is my lack of knowledge it is soluble but if it is the other reason even the most proffesional won't succeed..
  7. I guess you right probably after swaping the PCB the drive will back to life (I hope so) Tell me about that.. It is all over the world like that. Ok, so I think I will order the donor with proceed from that. Many Thanks for your help Peter!
  8. It's the EEPROM that stores the drive's characteristics and specific configuration-data which is different for each drive (even for drives from the same batch and even succeeding serial-numbers). Why? Have you (or "The owner") dropped it onto a concrete floor? Opened the drive and inspected the heads under a microscope? You can never be certain, before actually having diagnosed a problem; it could even be that the PCB isn't defective after all. All you told us so far is that you want to replace the PCB with another one you found on the internet. You haven't told us what you've done to come to the conclusion the drive in question is defective. Something tells me you only detected that the drive doesn't work (as it should) and you're only guessing what the actual problem is, without any substantiating evidence, which isn't an approach an engineer would take. So this chip store the data, so if I would buy the donor drive, I should replace between the chips on each hard drive? For the heads, I know that they are defective becasue the clicking sound and the professional report from a data recovery company.
  9. Hi Peter thanks for the quick and helpfull answer What is this chip and why should I replace it? I in a good relation ship with elctronical lab that if the swap is required I belive they can help me with that. For the heads, I am pretty sure that they are defective.
  10. I can't belive it, I published the wrong picture Let me fix this. Sorry for the double posting, I published in wrong era the first one. Sorry for my stupedness Those are the correct pictures: Those are the correct pictures This is the hard drive from ebay * I also edited the first messege in the post.
  11. Hi All, I have got this hard drive which is not seen by the computer. I have found this drive one ebay What do you say? Before I order this drive, is it can work for PCB swap and/or Head swap? Many Thanks!
  12. Hi All, I have got this hard drive which is not seen by the computer. I have found this drive one ebay What do you say? Before I order this drive, is it can work for PCB swap and/or Head swap? Many Thanks!
  13. I guess that I can't see the code (PHP) of the this site? do I? I tried to get view source but nothing like PHP. Is what I see the outcome of the PHP code that run on the site's server?
  14. WOW Thank you guys! You really helped me alot! I found this site which shows my IP. I tried to look over it's code to understand the function who finds my IP but I can't find anything. It seems like part of the code is hidden from visitor, am I right? How does this site works and build? What function and language does this site use in order to detact my IP? Best Regards,
  15. Hi jaclaz, Thanks again for the software, but the problem is that, the hard drive immediately disconnect itself does not let me to image even a little part of it. I tried this thing on windows environment, the question is if in linux it will be the same. I never worked with linux before.