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  1. Gaaahhh...I was afraid of that. Thank you for your direct answer, I SINCERELYappreciate it. I'll check around some more on hddguru. I'm less inclined to give up the data on this puppy without a fight. Thanks again, jaclaz. Bobbe Edmonds
  2. Hi everyone, I am on the verge of attempting the solution at the beginning of this thread. I have a Seagate 7200.11 1TB drive with Firmware SD35. I have looked all over this thread and the web, but I can't find a straight answer anywhere for this question: Does this solution apply to the famous "Click of Death" symptom? My drive spins up for a second, clicks several times, then spins down. I can't find any information that points to the "BSY" error (I'm sure this isn't a case of the 0 LBA error. If it is - Let me know). SO I guess my question is in two parts: 1: Is the Bsy error related to click of death? 2: If not - Would this solution be applicable to it? Thank you all for your help! If nothing else, this thread has been a glimmer of hope in the dark, perilous world that is Seagate. Bobbe Edmonds