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  1. Actually, this is where Windows 2000 can outshine the 9x OSes (sadly). With KernelEx on Windows 2000, I'm using the Atom version of Palemoon so I'm able to install the latest version (26.3.3) as of writing this comment so it's completely up to date and has no problems running on the modern web where 9x is quite limited unfortunately. I only suggested Windows 7 since you said you wanted to try a newer OS. I personally wouldn't run it myself because I just don't like the top heavy feeling of running NT 6.x, it just feels clunky to me despite a few diehards saying it's actually rock solid underneath. Even on really modern computers, I feel it stumble a few times while it thinks or tries catching up to who knows what. So what I recommend is, if you want the genuine look at feel of 9x/Me but quite a bit of functionality that comes with XP, go with 2000. Or if you want to be more up to date go with XP with the POSReady 2009 hack to install updates. Windows 2000 suits 98% of my needs so I have absolutely no plans on moving off of it anytime soon. But that's of course my two cents.
  2. Boogie Woogie!
  3. Actually, it's really not bad on that machine since Vista ran just fine on my Dell OptiPlex GX270, but it did hiccup a bit at times. I'm only suggesting it since the OP talked about installing a newer OS on it. I wouldn't go above 7 if you're looking for something newer than XP, that's just my two cents though.
  4. Windows 7 should run just fine on the machine, but I'd definitely bump the RAM up to at least 2GBs if not more. If it were me, I'd install Windows 2000 on it.
  5. Such a sad day, I actually still used VHS to be honest.
  6. Moved to Windows 9x/Me main forum due to MS-DOS being the subject of thread
  7. Is your hardware acceleration up to full? Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting. Make sure the slider bar is at full.
  8. Can you post the display tab from dxdiag? That should tell us a lot right there.
  9. Could you please provide us with a screenshot of any DX error messages? How many times have you rebooted since you got it working? I've noticed sometimes even after installing the driver, I need to reboot 2-3 times before everything is working perfectly. Also, post your dxdiag info as well to see what you're running on. Just do start > run > dxdiag. Since you have UURollup installed, it will be there and it will run just fine. So let us know please! Also, if all else fails, try this driver: Display 270.61 for Windows 2000.7z?dl=0 This is from Tomasz86's driver archive. It looks like the GTX 560 is in there. Give it a shot if you haven't. It should at least get you up and going with that card. I'm using this driver now and it's great, works well!
  10. Welcome! We're glad you like our site! We hope you have a fulfilling experience here.
  11. I personally recommend having your system as up-to-date with all the unofficial updates that are available either from blackwingcat or tomasz86's unofficial rollups which aren't updated as frequently but they're basically a bit all in one package that updates a good many files on your system. I don't have a graphics card anywhere near as new as you so I can't even really help you that much on that. @blackwingcat should be able to help out though.
  12. Hey, could you try and keep the double posting down a bit please? If nobody has replied to your post and only a short time has passed, edit your previous post to include the updated material. Thanks! Now then, I would absolutely say to install blackwingcat's unofficial updates if you haven't already. It seems to me that some of his drivers did require at least extended kernel and core updates to them. Extended Core (or whatever he's calling it) is separate from KernelEx so I would make sure that it's installed as well, and you'll find that I believe on the same page, but below all the KernelEx download links and information.
  13. Welcome to MSFN! We're pretty much the ultimate resource in anything 9x these days. Enjoy the site!
  14. That's a really good deal. I might buy a few if I get down to my Walmart and they have that going on. Even with internet storage (which I don't utilize anyway), I still like having local copies of my stuff so in case the internet were to go down or something. Flash drives are still very handy, especially for people like me who work on other peoples computers.
  15. Windows 98SE would have no problem running on it. It might be slightly slower than say on a Pentium II, but it's more than equipped to handle it. Just make sure the hard drive is at least 2GBs in size so you'll have optimal room for anything else you'd like to go on the PC. It wouldn't even hurt to try and upgrade the CPU just a tad if the board will support it and it's not too expensive. Even if you could get a 166MHz or I think they made one as fast as 200 or 233, I'm not sure though. But you don't want to spent a lot on such a slight upgrade and you'd also want to make sure the old games don't actually require a slower CPU which those kinds do exist. But if you're anything like me, you want to upgrade the snot out of it just to get it to the most optimum performance possible and for the challenge of it.