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  1. Let's try to keep it on topic, guys. Thanks!
  2. If you ever do happen to install it on a 32-bit system, let us know of your findings. I'm really curious what actually happens.
  3. The worst case scenario if it works anything like regular system ram, you just wouldn't have access to the entire 4GBs on a 32-bit based system. Of course the highest I've still ever worked with was 256MBs so I've never had that issue to deal with so I can't really be much more help than that.
  4. Welcome! We're glad to have you aboard here at MSFN!
  5. It showed pink for me earlier on IE11 and then again on Firefox, not sure why it's doing this.
  6. Welcome to MSFN, Carlos! I hope you enjoy your stay here with us!
  7. Absolutely not, you can always join in on the fun whether you have a physical machine, virtual machine, or are just curious on whatever else is going on in the 9x community. Enjoy
  8. It's possible, but I don't recall anyone attempting it. I would think there should be a way to just change the address pointer in the program itself (by brute force of course). But I would like to say as well that it was a bit of a pain that this happened. I loved listening to KeepFreeMusic, the 60s oldies radio channel through WMP and even though you can still stream on their own site, it's just not the same. Edit: I fixed your topic title so that it will hopefully attract more attention from users.
  9. Welcome to MSFN! Sounds like you've found the right place. We're one of the only forums on the net that still work on or even use Windows 9x. If you have any questions, feel free to post them! I'm part Danish myself by the way.
  10. @Edivan Baptista Please post in English on this forum or provide a translation for other users, thank you.
  11. I'm going to build on what was already said here. While I applaud your efforts of trying to use Windows NT 4.0 in this day in age, there are so many limitations that make is almost undesirable to use. My biggest problem with it is the fact that DirectX isn't very uptodate on it at all. I know at one point someone ported DirectX 5 to it but that's still quite old and not very useful. The fact that it also can't use any real modern browser is also quite a pain. If there was more interest in using NT, it probably wouldn't be that much harder to create a KernelEx for it like BWC has done for Windows 2000. But like I said, I'm sure the reason nobody has done this is because not many people seem interested in using NT4 for much anymore which actually is sad because the OS is pretty rock solid. But in this stage of the game, I guess it really comes down to what you want to do with this machine. If it's just to play with/experiment, just go for it and see what you can come up with. But mostly NT4 is really only useful for playing music, possibly watching older/common format videos. NT4 wasn't designed to be a gaming machine which is why DirectX is pretty much absent and I'm assuming business applications weren't so reliant on DirectX like they can be these days.
  12. So, on my vacation to Philadelphia to see my fiancee, we decided to stop at Dave and Buster's for some fun. Although, they weren't without their problems as well...
  13. Okay, so today I was finally pushed over the edge. Why is everything putting "HD" in its title now? First it started out with Oxi-Clean Laundry Detergent which their new stuff lists itself as HD. Now this morning I saw a commercial for Crest toothpaste, which now it identifies itself as HD. So, just exactly how much more "High Definition" can you get than real life itself? If anything, I truly find these HD titles to be totally bogus. What's next? Bacon HD? Chevrolet Malibu HD? Just slap on an HD at the end and it automatically becomes better!
  14. Welcome to MSFN! We're glad to have you aboard. Enjoy your stay!
  15. Welcome to MSFN! I'm fine, thank you. I hope you find our community a very resourceful one. Enjoy your stay here with us!