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  1. Welcome to MSFN! I hope you have a great experience here with us. Just grab a cup of coffee and lounge around!
  2. If Microsoft doesn't change their direction, I have a feeling either people will be forced so heavily onto their new platforms whether they like it or not, or people will switch to entirely different OSs. The reason 7 is still so high in popularity is because many people don't care for 8 or 10. Windows 7 as far as I'm concerned is the last "classic" version of Windows whereas 8 and 10 are hybrids and not everyone is onboard with that. It's clear though that Microsoft is piggy-backing on the success of Apple's Application Store (I refuse to use that shortened "word" =/), but whether it's working out as planned, I don't really know. I guess my question here though is what is really the difference between Wine and KernelEx? I get the vibe that KernelEx for Windows 98/Me is more like Wine (?) that it doesn't actually replace system files whereas KernelEx for Windows 2000 does and therefor modifying the entire hard kernel layer rather than playing off other file dependencies.
  3. @Painkilleraxel Please post in English or at least provide a translation for our other members. Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done without rewriting a lot of code. As Dibya pointed out, it was a leaked beta and even though it's based on Windows 2000, there's still enough differences where even if you installed KernelEx, it would most likely either crash the OS completely or turn it into Windows 2000. KernelEx I believe even replaces ntoskrnl.exe which not only contains the boot splash but a lot of other startup code as well. I totally agree though, it would be cool to do something with it but I don't think there's enough interest in it to actually start patching it to become usable.
  5. Just tried the XP port of Vista's Spider Solitare and it seems to working just fine with 4.5.2016.16 with very few minor graphical glitches which may or may not be related to my testing system. Seems a bit slow but this was tested on a PIII 1GHz Coppermine. Will try the other games soon. Only thing is that when it installs, it installs in the Program Files folder but then creates a new %systemroot%\Program Files folder inside of it so possibly extracting the Microsoft Games folder out of there and placing it within the real Program Files folder and updating your shortcuts should work without a hitch.
  6. As far as your mileage may vary, I've honestly never had any issues running Windows 98 SE with 1gig of RAM without patches. Unless I just don't do some of the things with it that help trigger it to crash, I don't know. With that being said though, if you're truly serious about using Windows 98 in a production environment, I'd completely recommend Rloew's SATA and RAM patches. Not that I'm skeptical of the great Rloew, but I was skeptical of the SATA patch at first because I didn't realize that the SATA control despite also having IDE was causing my problems. But I did bite the bullet and bought it and it worked, it cured my problems. Just those two things can really make your life a lot more simple and less of a headache. The RAM patch I would say is totally ideal, even for less than 1gig of RAM, it can help stabilize the system. But I too use a Windows 98 system daily and those two items have made it possible to have a nearly modern system. As for my systems, I always use add on cards anyway for video and sound, so as long as you have compatible cards, you're good to go. Unless you do some serious high end gaming, mostly any video card from the mid-2000s would suffice quite nicely as long as it has drivers for Windows 98.
  7. Welcome to MSFN! We hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
  8. That's why I try to stay as low profile as possible. Sheeple love the internet of things but never think of the consequences connecting your entire life to the internet can be. The internet isn't foul-proof by any means. Remember, the Titanic was said to be unsinkable. Well, it sunk. Human arrogance can say whatever it wants to, but that doesn't always mean it's the truth. My believing is that any computer or device connected to the internet can get hacked if someone tries hard enough, regardless of how many firewalls and security measures are put into place. It's foolishness to let your guard down and believe you're protected just because it says you are. Think that even if you lock the doors to your own home with several security bolts and that you built your home without windows that there's no way in? I'm sure a semi or tank rammed into it could get in. Nothing is completely infallible.
  9. Welcome to MSFN! We hope you enjoy our community!
  10. I remember about a year ago, I was looking on eBay and found a seller that was selling new Fiamm disc horns, both the high note and low note, for $25,000! Who in their right mind would pay such an absurd amount for some crappy disc horns that you could easily pick up at your local auto store for about $25 which sometimes even includes the relay. But if I remember correctly, it had that these were for a BMW. Well, anyone like me who has experience with car horns knows that almost all horns, especially Fiamm branded horns are pretty well universal and can work on any car as long as it is rated for the correct voltage. Makes me wonder if anyone was stupid enough to pay that price for them.
  11. Welcome! It's great to have you here! I love Windows 98 too but sometimes it gets more and more frustrating to use. But it's always great to see another member here who appreciates fine things
  12. Just to add my two cents in the matter, I too dropped Pale Moon after using it for several years. Actually, 27 Portable works on Windows 2000 with the proper configuration, but it seems to have messed up my Atom XP 26.5 installed version just a bit (and at the time there seems no way to fix it even after reinstalling it). But now I too use FireFox and it does need to be updated since it's on version 50, it's doing a better job since Pale Moon sometimes gave me problems with YouTube.
  13. Welcome to MSFN! I hope you find our community fun and informative!
  14. Welcome to MSFN!! This sounds like quite an interesting project. Even if people have failed to get HD Audio working in the past on Windows 9x, there's no harm in continuing to try to get something to work. This is of course where I draw the line since I'm not a coder by any means. But as Lone above said, if anyone can help point you in the right direction, it'd totally be @rloew. Good luck, and I'm going to be following this thread closely. I totally hope we can have some sort of breakthrough or at least if anything, gain more knowledge on the subject.
  15. I used to use AutoPatcher a long time ago but that's pretty much irrelevant these days. Before Microsoft got after them, I thought it was a pretty dang nice patching utility that I mainly used for Windows XP (and 2000 when I permanently switched back to it). But then MS basically got after them and served them with a cease and desist notice and I don't think their Windows Update fetcher really caught on which for me, before I had the internet at my own house, I loved AP and would download it and stick it on a flashdrive to take home with me. But now we live in the age of contributed projects here on MSFN, which I feel FAR outshine AP. AP was a fine product for its time of course. As for USP3.x, I swear by it and use it on all of my Windows 98 machines. I believe a few people on here don't use it for specific reasons which if they want to chime in on this thread, then they're more than welcome to. But as far as I know, it contains all the main update files that you'll need even if that's the only thing from it that you use. But whenever I install Windows 98, I usually go by installing the OS first, install the main drivers, install USP3.x's main updates, reboot, and then relaunch USP3.x and install any other components that you want, then optionally install KernelEx. One thing to note is that if you use rloew's RAM patch, you'll need to reinstall the patch after you install USP3.x because the files get overwritten and will cause trouble. I always keep the patch on the root C: drive so it's extremely easy from DOS to repatch the system if and when necessary.