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  1. Welcome to MSFN! You'll definitely learn a lot of great things here. Whether you want to learn about Win9x or Win10, MSFN has members with knowledge in it all.
  2. There can be a few decent ones out there surprisingly. But most of them these days are irritating. Like that girl in the forever Graco car seat. I hate the last two where she is dancing stupidly to some dopey pop music or whatever it was and then when she's older there's this awful rock noise and she's failing her arms around like she's got some sort of mental problem. And just when you think they've retired the commercial, it comes back again. And don't even get me started with the stupidity of Geico. *shudders*
  3. It seems that's in response to people using other outlets other than television. Companies are so desperate for people to watch their advertisements that they tack them on to videos you watch online as well. I wouldn't mind ads half as bad if they weren't so stupid and obnoxious. There's another that's on right now that I can hear in the other room. It's where the kid is giving his stuffed animals and apparently his little sister hair cuts and the mom just looks in horror and then looks relieved as she pulls out the Swiffers. Um, I'm pretty sure if I did something like that as a kid that my mom wouldn't look relieved and pull out the Swiffers, but rather a look of anger and then I'd end up with a tanned behind.
  4. This thread is for anyone who is exposed to television and the inane commercials that are on them these days. Now if you don't watch TV or have a way of bypassing the stuff you don't want to see, you don't have to point out that fact. I'm just really curious from our members what commercials you hate or what types of trends in commercials that you seem to see all the time and drive you absolutely crazy. I have commercials that I hate which I will list a bit later but some of the trends I absolutely cannot stand are people who are smug and act superior to someone else, like the Dole fruit cup commercial where these 2 groups of people are in the park and the one lady exclaims, "Oh look....they're drainers...." So what makes you think you're better because you drink the friggin juice, lady? The next trend I absolutely hate is how commercials have smartphones in them constantly, especially those that they don't even really need to be in or have nothing to do with the advertisement, but they're there just for the sake of being there. It's annoying! The reason I can't stand being in public is because of the obsession to those things, I don't need to see them at home too. Another commercial I cannot stand is the Domino's Delivery commercials. For starters, I think ordering pizza online is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of and second of all, if you ordered a pizza, why aren't you home waiting for it? Instead this guy just runs through backyards and jumps over fences to get to his house before the delivery person (whose car magically changes color and shape from the first one seen) gets there.
  5. I think I'm even more surprised that Microsoft took pity on those not migrating off Windows XP and still released a patch for them as well. But then it might not be so much because of their goodwill towards XP users as it is trying to stop the spread of the malware itself.
  6. Fast startup? Sounds kinda like an easy problem to remedy if people would just learn to be a bit more patient these days instead of expecting everything to be instant on. =/
  7. That's exactly what I figured, not even just the phoning home issue but that they're doing everything in their power to make sure that people are pushed to Windows 10. Now, I couldn't give a big rat's behind about their crApp Store by any means so that feature is 101% useless to me. I'm a real techie that uses real applications and programs, not some stupidity that is trying to ride the trend wave. But yeah, the "fact" that Windows 7 cannot support new processes really is BS. It's not like Windows 95/98/Me and the more than a single core processor issue which is funny in itself because those OSs will still run on newer processors even if they don't take full advantage of them. So right then and there it should tell you MS is up to something fishy.
  8. I think it's just crazy how Microsoft is now dictating which processors their products can run on. I can see if you're trying to install say Windows 10 on a 386, but as long as your processor can meet the basic requirements, it's ridiculous that they'd discriminate like this. Sounds like maybe they're trying to boost new computer/OS sales?
  9. Oooh, this sounds exciting! I just might have to give it a spin and see what I think about it. It's hard to replace my main OS since it's my server as well. Also, not to derail the thread even more, but is there really a reason to keep updating your Linux distro except for security updates? I noticed they have a lifecycle as well but is it a requirement or just recommended?
  10. I've seen this one and then also I've seen one about there being dragons in here. I can't remember the rest of it but I haven't seen that one in quite some time. Other times the button instead of saying I accept the risk would say, I'll be careful, I promise.
  11. Welcome to MSFN! We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
  12. You're frickin awesome, dude! I wasn't even aware of this method. I just signed in with no issues, now I just have to test it all out and see how it works.
  13. Welcome to MSFN! Glad you like our forum!
  14. I still use Windows 2000 and Windows 98 on a daily basis. I'm in full agreement that new interfaces just plain suck. I hate the new interfaces where things have to be flat and boxy. Even the Google logo had to go from a nice looking depth to just a plain old flat color. BORING! I still use Office 2000 on both my computers, in the exception for Outlook 2003 on my Windows 2000 machine. We have Office 2013 via Citrix at work and I hate it. Not only does Citrix make Office sluggish, but Office itself is just so much harder to use. Word does have some cool new features to it for designers but there's no reason for the new interface. It's terrible and I have a hard time figuring out how to do familiar tasks. I was a whiz in Office, now I almost have to relearn everything. Another thing I hate that it seems everyone loves using is what they call the "hamburger" button for your menu options. Why? Why does three stupid lines represent your menu? Don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily against change, but I want to see improvements, not back tracking. Not only has Windows gone backwards, but so has web design as a whole. I used to pride myself in webpage designs and layouts and now all you get are generic colors, flat of course, with bulky looking boxes, and I hate tablet optimized websites, those are just plain stupid. I'm looking to start using Linux and learning it. I've used it before but never truly engaged in the learning curve of it. If Microsoft can't get their act together, which I'm sure it never will, and when my computers stop doing what I need them to do, I'm off to Linux land. I really can't believe with all the outrage in these new OSes that they really take feedback seriously. They collect what we think, and then build what they want.
  15. Sounds like people may be forced to start having face to face interactions with each other again. Oh the horror it would be for so many people. Truthfully, I'd just laugh. I grow ever so tired of the smartphone obsession.