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  1. KernelEx for Win2000

    I haven't tried other versions. Right now I'm just using whatever was put into tomasz86's unofficial rollup from 2013. I can probably test a few of the other ones but after translating his site, it looks as though he made a few changes to a few video files in version 16a, the one I was using. I just don't really understand exactly what the changes meant so maybe he can provide us some insight.
  2. It's generally faster as well if you post your name change request here because then any admin can change it. xper doesn't always get on a lot so you might be waiting a while if you only message him about it. And since Trip and Den are on here regularly, it'll most likely get done quite quickly if just requested here.
  3. KernelEx for Win2000

    BUG FOUND! *Extended core Windows2000-KB979683-v16a-x86-ENU is flawed* After thorough investigation into why my dualview was not working, I did a clean install on a test hard drive and everything was working fine, until I installed this core update package. As soon as I did and rebooted, dualview stopped working and only my primary monitor would work despite Windows knowing there were (multiple monitors). So I hooked up my original configuration of drives to get back to my regular install of Windows, removed extended core which I had installed on this installation, went to install duelview again from the nvidia control panel, rebooted, and sure enough it works like a charm. Both monitors work as an extended desktop just like they should. @blackwingcat Basically, using this extended core package means nvidia dualview compatibility is broken and will not work.
  4. KernelEx for Win2000

    Still not having much success. I've even tried that particular package listed in the link and it's still not letting me enable dualview. What's crazy is right now I'm running Ubuntu in a live cd environment on said computer...and guess what? Both monitors work JUST FINE and are independent from each other. So either something is very messed up in the Windows 2000 install or there's other issues going on that prevent it from actually happening. But now we know for sure that my card indeed supports dualview.
  5. KernelEx for Win2000

    My duelview thread merged into this one It is not working! This isn't even something I'm new at because I've been using dual monitors since the turn of the decade. However, with my new machine, no matter how much I play around with it, I cannot get dualview working. So, my old card was a NVidia GeForce 8600GT dual DVI output, my new card is a NVidia GeForce 9800GT with dual DVI output as well. Whether it makes a difference or not, it's the energy efficient version so it doesn't require extra power to run. Now here's where things get very interesting. I can clone my desktop so both monitors show the same thing, I can also do horizontal/vertical view which doubles the resolution. But I cannot get dualview to have two independent monitors working. The video card recognizes two monitors are there, it knows that for a fact. But when I go to the display properties, even though it says multiple monitors, it only shows the one and extend my desktop is grayed out. The things I've tried were basically changing driver versions which I've used both Tomasz86's 270.61 driver, no luck. I've tried a few of Blackwingcat's drivers, no luck either. I've even tried removing all the drivers via safe mode and removing the device all together and even running my registry cleaner to remove old entries, makes no difference. The only thing I can think of that might be fouled is the NVidia GeForce 8400GS that I originally had in there, it had DVI/VGA and HDMI, and apparently you cannot dualview a digital and analog connection, it's either one or the other. The other resources I looked for online on this issue is about as helpful as going out in the rain and covering your head with a spaghetti strainer. No real insight is offered. But with Dual DVI, I'm sure dualview should work. Am I to the point I might just have to reinstall Windows or what? I'm pulling my hair out because I've never had this much trouble getting it going before. Usually all I'd have to do is go through the control panel, enable dualview, restart at the prompt, and when Windows returned it would install the Dualview driver (which this doesn't), restart again, and then I could extend my desktop. So why this isn't happen with this, I have no clue. Now I'm turning to the ones who know even more than I do.
  6. Quality of OSes

    I was the one that closed the thread and nobody contacted me about it, my inbox is open to those who have any concerns. Hence why I have a super moderator badge on my profile. I have no issues with discussing quality of OSes, not one bit. In fact I'm one that questions the quality that goes into Microsoft products these days myself. However, it was a pointless thread and it wasn't going anywhere, it made no sense. I will let this one stay open as long as meaningful discussion takes place in it. I wasn't even aware this thread was created until just now. I don't close threads without reason. If you want to have a meaningful discussion about how you feel the quality of Windows has declined, have at it! But let's just keep it that way, okay? And please try not to double post so much unless a large amount of time has elapsed otherwise it just continues bumping the thread and pushing other ones off the radar. If you can do those two things, that would be much appreciated. And we are not affiliated with Microsoft, not at all. So we are not biased based on their products but instead of our own opinions.
  7. Actually, before this month rotated over, we were at $400, so actually we did make the goal, twice over.
  8. Not DOS section on main Forum site

    There's no need for this thread to be open any longer, it's been long answered. If you want to talk about DOS in general, feel free to make a thread in the appropriate forum and continue discussion. This is no longer a site issue. Topic LOCKED
  9. Salutations my friends

    Welcome to the community, and thank you VERY much for donating to the forum as well! We appreciate it very much! I hope you enjoy your stay with us.
  10. Forum upgrade to v4.2!

    I do too, but as I said, if you just reduce your zoom to something like 90% for MSFN in your browser, it should work out just fine. @xper might be able to figure out something else but that's what I've been doing for quite a while now.
  11. Forum upgrade to v4.2!

    What is your screen resolution? I use 1024x768 and found I need to reduce the zoom just a bit in order for it to fit correctly. But I've noticed this as well.
  12. Worthless OSes

    This thread is worthless and has no point to it. Topic LOCKED
  13. Greetings!

    Well, I think for me, it's because Windows 2000 looks like Windows 98 in disguise. I know there are things out there to help make Windows XP look like Windows 98/2000, but to me it's still not enough. The explorer shell for one thing, in anything I've ever come across, is never transformed. Even though it's somewhat useful, I'd rather get rid of the My Places bar, or whatever it is called, I can't remember offhand right now, and replace it with the sidebar from Windows 98/2000. I just have so many fond memories of 98 because it was the first major OS I used and it was from a good time when things were just better and more exciting. But I think one last thing is that because of the work from people like blackwingcat and his unofficial updates, it feels like in some aspects, Windows 2000 is more superior to Windows XP. That may or may not be true but for some reason it just gives me that impression. I actually own a legit copy (maybe, maybe not lol) of WIndows XP that is the volume license copy so it doesn't require activation. I was given it by my computer teacher a long time ago. I'm thinking it was probably the volume license copy from the school district but all those EULAs get so complicated anymore, who knows if it's even valid for them anymore.
  14. Not DOS section on main Forum site

    I don't think that will happen. If it does, it would probably exist under the Windows 9x section as a subforum. Since very few people use DOS for anything outside of minor command necessities, it would add more clutter to an already full board. Although @xper is the one who would make the final call on this one, I'm just an Smod.
  15. @ruthan Can you please try and edit your posts instead of double and triple posting in a row? Unless a day or so has passed without new replies, it would be appreciated if you would just edit your original post. Otherwise, if it's been a day or two without any new replies, then go ahead and make another post with new information. Thanks!