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  1. I'm using Radeon 7500 and ati dvd player 7.6.Upon enabling the subtitles option in the DVD menu, image brightness may increase when the subtitle is displayed. does anyone meet the same problem?How to get rid of it?
  2. thanks,i mean where can i get atidvd.msi?
  3. fine,where can i get it?
  4. the dead link appears in my system too.yon can try windows installer cleanup utility to uninstall i wondered when i type "dvdupgrd /detect" in start->run,it only show cyberlink dvd decoder.
  5. thanks,i have uninstall it using windows installer cheanup i mean when i install both ati dvd player 7.6 and powerdvd 5.0,i want to know which dvd decoder plug in windows media player 9 or realone 2.(i'm using windows xp professional sp1)
  6. thanks,i want know how to identify and uninstall it.