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  1. Adding comments

    Thanks, I was thinking of javascript comments but I just remembered that these are passed to cmd.exe I think, so as you say they would look like a command line argument. I'd better not use them then.
  2. Adding comments

    OK thanks, and FYI I tested the following: "%wpipath%\Install\Ccleaner" /s // This is a quick test This worked fine too.
  3. Adding comments

    Thanks a lot for the reply. When you say it was including quotes, was it: ...[cmd]... // "This is a quick test" I don't think the quotes would be necessary would they (assuming this is the same syntax as for a javascript comment)?
  4. Adding comments

    Also the comment helps me remember the purpose of a command I add which can be a help.
  5. Adding comments

    That does not seem to be true, I just checked and I definitely can see the comment in the GUI. Also, I do read the config file directly sometimes as it is quicker that opening up the GUI if I just want to quickly check a command I have entered.
  6. Hi, this is an awesome tool, thanks so much. Is it possible to add a // comment in the cmds[pn] line, such as: cmds[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Logitech Quickcam\\Setup.exe" /q /noqclaunch /p /s','sc config LVPrcSrv start= disabled // Disable Logitech service due to pending reboot problem']; Would this syntax be compatible with the program? TIA.
  7. Hi, has anyone had the following problem: After doing an unattended setup using Office Integrator to integrate SP2 and updates and then the xml method described in this thread, microsoft update is still showing SP2 as a high-priority update. Environment: Office 2007 Enterprise (retail), with SP2 (and hotfixes) integrated using Office Integrator. Installed unattendedly using xml method. Office shows version SP2 MSO (12.0.6535.5002). Add Remove programs shows "2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2)" under "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007". But microsoft update says SP2 still needs to be installed. Any suggestions for a solution to this would be appreciated. TIA, .
  8. DirectShow FilterPack

    Wow, people here didn't know about 7zip? Actually when I got to the sfx exe I wasn't sure if it was a silent installer or just an extracting sfx, so I extracted it manually just in case. Thanks a lot for the fix.
  9. DirectShow FilterPack

    Thanks so much for this tool, it is great and allows me to adapt it as well. BTW, the link to the latest version 3.32 on your site is broken: TIA, scop.