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  1. Thanks. I have a few other machines i could use for this. I tried giving win7 a shot, not too happy with it so far.
  2. Unsure of which forum should I use to post questions/problems regarding nlite & not being able to see my OS disc? I'm currently running win7 64bit, but I want to go back to XP. I'm trying to use nLite to create a customized install that has my RAID, mobo, video, sound, network, etc. drivers and every time i start the software & point it to the directory (or cd drive) containing my original winXP it gives me a message stating "Make sure the folder contains i386" etc... I can not make it past that point. Now I am running on win7 right now, do I need to do this operation on a winXP machine? Could it be that simple? I've also tried using an ISO/virtual drive and also copied the contents of the cd to a temp folder on my hdd. Any help would be appreciated, and since I put this in the general forum I think a moderator would be kind and move to the correct forum.