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  1. You're right. With an ubuntu live cd, i finally got access to the hdd. Thanks again!
  2. tells us nothing in order to let us try and help you, we need DETAILS. Ok jaclaz, thanks for your answer. BIOS recognize it (last week didn't), and then one of three things can happen I get a black screen in windows startup It take minutes to startup, and when i open "my computer", disk is there but don't show his size. When i click on it, i get a Windows message "I/O device error". Same as number 2, but with the popup of "new hardware found ST3500320AS but with the same result
  3. Hi all First of all, thanks to all of you for this great thread. I think i have read-it in its entiretly, but nobody seems to have my problem. I've a Seagate ST3500320AS 7.200.11 with SD15 firmware, and it dies last week. I used a CA-42 cable, and all goes ok. As you know, i must get a message like this But, at the end, i get this one ??? Yeah, i've pasted the message ok. The line "User Partition Format 10%, bla bla bla" is missing. I've tried several times, but at the end, i get the same message: always without this line. Obviusly, HDD don't work. BIOS recognize it, but not Windows. Any idea? Thanks in advance (and excuse me for my english)