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  1. Windows 8.1 bluetooth bug

    Thank, but my issue is software not based on interference.
  2. Windows 8.1 bluetooth bug

    Is this forum dead ?
  3. Windows 8.1 bluetooth bug

    When I try to play music on a external bluetooth speaker.
  4. Windows 8.1 bluetooth bug

    Hi. Does someone know how to fix the bluetooth inconsistency ? It work half of the time. I try restarting the bluetooth service, setting to automatic start. I also try disabling power saving in the adapter device settings. It won't work with stability.
  5. Bug; Perfomance setting are reset after a reboot

    This account is for my kid, I still need a solution. Please don't answer with that kind of reply in the future, thank.
  6. Hi, Does someone know how to fix this ? When I use a non admin account, I will choose in System-advanced system settins-perfomance, I choose ajust for perfomance ( except smooth edges of screen fonts). But when I restard the pc, the setting will go back to normal. How can I fix this ?
  7. Convenience rollup update for Win 7 SP1

    The individuals kb did not list on my x64 windows neither. I did not had 70-80 importants KB remaining, more like 25. Here something I found on MS site: source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/kb/3125574
  8. Convenience rollup update for Win 7 SP1

    I had the same result. I started with a windows 7 x64 sp1 iso. I slipstream 'sp2' with ntlite. After a full install I see kb976932, I try to install it and it took a couple of seconds, so it was really small 9,1 mb max. It almost seem like it did not donwnload at all.
  9. No Updates!

    I had problem with updates too, here what I find to fix it: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3069693/microsoft-windows/windows-7-update-scans-taking-forever-kb-3153199-may-solve-the-problem.html
  10. Cryptovirus defenses?

  11. Cryptovirus defenses?

    I saw a cryptovirus that was using vulnerabilties that you can dodge. The first one was Remote Desktop protocol, that an easy one, disabled all the service related to that. The second was with adobe acrobat reader, another easy solution use another pdf (and less popular) option like an old version of foxit pdf reader. Then, I have other ideas but I am not sure it would help. I use a secure firewall that is biderectionnal. Make sure to have an inbound and outbound firewall. I use privatefirewall and also comodo on another laptop. With a windows 7 machine with no antivirus in realtime, I did not get any virus since the last 10 years ( I do a manual scan once every 2 months with kapersky portable). I just follow some basic strategy. But like you, for the first time I am affraid of virus, because cryptovirus are cash earning virus, and it seem some of them are made by russian mafia and the like... So they will have a lot of ressource and motivation to create virus (that may inclue 0days)... PS: If you want to use antivirus, I suggest panda cloud since it won't need to download signatures update all the time. Or you can use comodo options like it's integrated sandbox...
  12. I will got with Latest ULZ for WUD. Thank.
  13. @submix8c I said I used portable update. Could you look back at my comment with this in mind ? (it seem broken for me) I will check the wincert thread list. Thank for that.
  14. Thank, I try portable update, but I have strange results. It will display KB that that I don't see in the windows updates.For example, It will show an security update with a given KB number. If I close the program and run windows udpates (set to manualy look for update) the same KB will not show up ??? Does someone know why ?
  15. Hi, I am about to build a new windows 7 with ntlite. Does someone know a good source for the security KB list ? I used to do it with with windows update downloader ( WUD). Thank.