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  1. Thanks, you guys rocks ! Just a question (have found it yet) : is it possible to have two items wide columns and alternate background for categories like seen in the mockup from this thread
  2. can't wait for it
  3. Hi, First I have to thank you for this great tool ! I use 0.2.3 version without any problem. I just wanted to give a try to 1.0beta5 version few days ago but unfortunately I encountered a problem with charset. I'm French and wanted to make a bootable usb windows xp installation (like I did with 0.2.3 version). Winsetup create a directory and an iso file with the name of windows version (WindowsXPÉdition**** in French edition case) but the "É" isn't recognized so directory and iso's name have strange chars instead of it and then the bootloader doesn't find them. Keep the good work !