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  1. anyone know the switch?
  2. my sound, video, and modem are all intergraded (sis650? mobo) cheers mike
  3. i wanted to know if it was possible set any install options with realone though, instead of just /s
  4. i have an xp cd but sometimes i need to use to cd drivers because alot of my hardware is intergraded.
  5. yes i did but i cant seem to get the results i have to fully work... so unless you are willing to assist without being a jerk, dont reply
  6. i dont really know what drivers i installed, nor can find my cd. is there anyway to copy every single driver that is installed right now on my current hardware setup and make the unattended windows xp cd install those same exact drivers again? cheers mike
  7. does anyone have the fully unattended scripts for winamp 2.81, quicktime 6, or realone player? cheers mike