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  1. Hi trizet, thank you for your help. Now, it's works ! I have another issue, I start PENetwork on boot but i need to click on Close button. Do you have tips to close automatically after network is loaded. Thanks a lot ! what windows version? and how you build your PE? those registry for windows 7 x86 (32bit), i can not test for 64 bit beacuse i dont have it. sorry i did not post complete step because my post is meant for wimb, in case he can manage to get it works and integrates to his Make_PE3. however, if you interest to make it work, this is complete step. 1. download my PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg and PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg , extract to folder: Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\x86 if you are using others windows version, extract Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\ia64 or Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\amd64 , but i am not sure if it is work. 2. edit file Make_PE3\PE3_mod\PE3_add\x86\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd and add these lines (you can add commands before of after pstart command) for %%p in (a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist %%p:\wallpaper.jpg "%ProgramFiles%\Wall-Cmd\WallCmd.exe" "%%p:\wallpaper.jpg" for %%p in (a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist %%p:\wallpaper.bmp "%ProgramFiles%\Wall-Cmd\WallCmd.exe" "%%p:\wallpaper.bmp" 3. edit file Make_PE3.cmd to register those CUSTOM.reg, you can find reg import commands in :_valid_pe section. add reg import for CUSTOM.reg after wimb registry like this reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_WLAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_LANMAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_MMC.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CLID.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg" >nul 4. build your PE using Make_PE3.cmd. 5. put your background picture on the root of usb flash disk, rename it to wallpaper.bmp or wallpaper.jpg this is my screenshot
  2. did not work? strange. what windows version do you use? mine 32bit. for control panel yes it is still does not work, you have to use wallcmd.exe to change background. thats why i put extra command in startnet.cmd to load wallpaper.jpg/wallpaper.bmp on the root of ufd. (you can make shorcut on start menu too) if you don't add any extra command, it will load grey winpe.bmp as default background. try download this add commands to yours Make_PE3 batch command to register those PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg and PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg add those at last registry to be added, because (i think) yours clid also register shortcut arrow. reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_WLAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_LANMAN.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SYSTEM_CUSTOM.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_MMC.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CLID.reg" >nul reg import "%TP%\PE3_mod\PE3_reg\%ARCH%\PE3-SOFTWARE_CUSTOM.reg" >nul note : those registry already included copyto/moveto/commandprompthere/winpecachethershold/removeshorcutarrow. try to build using explorer shell option only, do not add opimization option. I can't configured a wallpaper with the Explorer shell but shortcut arrow is removed. Do you have other solution ? thanks