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  1. I have tried another source and all went ok. Now i'm thinking about how may i put two different sources of Windows XP (one clean and another modified) to install one or other depending on the situation May anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your answer I have tried it on many computers I will try with another Pendrive
  3. Hi! Is there a way to do a multiboot installation USB pendrive with Windows XP and Windows 7? Does the method you have explained in this topic work fast? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello again I'm going to tell you the steps i have made: 1) Winsetupfromusb with options: Auto format it with Fbinst, NTFS, Align Section "Add to USB DISK" Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup Checked and the correct drive with an iso mounted inside the textbox Windows Vista / 7 ... Setup Checked and the correct drive with an iso mounted inside the textbox 2) Start the process 3) Try each installation - On Windows XP, when i started the second part of the installation it get hanged when the installation said "39 minutes left" - On Windows 7, it get hanged when the installation reached the Blue Screen of the installation beginning. It seems WinSetupfromUSB have a problem detecting the USB pendrive Is there another way to do this Multiboot? Thanks
  5. Good, so now you need not to add "another" Live XP, but only one, which should be possible. Read the instructions: points #7 and #8 if I recall correctly. jaclaz I will have a look thanks again
  6. You EITHER delete Hiren's Boot CD, which is WAREZ and use a legal build, OR go asking for help somewhere else. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/18408-forum-rules-updated-must-read/ jaclaz Sorry I have deleted it If someone may help me.. THANKS A LOT
  7. Hi I have made an USB Bootable pendrive with Windows XP, Windows Vista The question is.. May i add another XP Live to the USB Boot? How can i do this? Thank you very much