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  1. Well, me and a friend tried the BSY fix yesterday using an USB/SERIAL/TTL connection to the PCB. Everything seemed to go as expected and we followed each step exactly as stated. After the last step we got the "User Partition Format Successful" with the only real difference from the one in the guide being that it said "User Partition Format 5%". The harddrive did begin to spin after we unplugged/replugged it in before the last steps when the PCB was screwed back on. Anyway, so then AFTER the last step we plugged it into the computer for reals, and BAM. Nothing at all, not even a spin up. I disconnected the PCB again and re-connected the TTL adapter, and now I can't even get a connection to it using the hyperterminal. Any ideas? The harddrive contains a lot of data that we'd need to backup. Would a PCB switch do any good or would it potentially wreck the harddrive?