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  1. Hey, Thanks for this. Fixed my 5ooGB drive. First saw the youtube Nitrohelix video and then found this site. This was real easy and fast to do. I bought a Nokia CA-42 off ebay for a total of $3.00 with the driver CD. My cord has a orange(ground), Red(RX) and Blue(TX). Took a few tries because I didn't see if Control Z didn't do anything then switch the RX and TX. After I read about the switch I could use hyper terminal. I used someone else's suggestion of putting clear tape on the stripped end of the wires, rolled it around to form a tube and put it on the pins. I just made sure with needle nose pliers they were on good by closing the tape down on the pin. Made sure I didnt move the HDD after that too much. Better than buying 100 female pins for 3 wires. Followed the youtube video and page 1 of this thread to make sure I typed the correct characters in. Worked just like it says. Copied all my stuff to another drive and installed the firmware update, so far so good a day later. Hope it stay this way. Just thought I'd share. Thanks to the people who figured this out. Bought cable from digi-accessary on ebay if anyone wants to know. Got it 2 days after I ordered