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  1. You should have created new thread. This one is for something diffrent then help with general drivers problems. I assume you have downloaded zip file or similar and after unpacking you have .inf file and bunch of other files but no .exe. This is normal. You should click start then in Run window type in devmgmt.msc. Then find device marked with yellow question mark and then right click on that device and choose properties. There you will find Install/Update driver in which you have to point to the .inf file that you unpacked. Thank you for this assistance. I could not get Device Manager to recognise the files I had downloaded, but finally I gleaned from the Via website a download set which I had to save to CD to install, so I'm up and running again.
  2. this is my first post so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place or wrong format. Most of this stuff is way beyond me, but I'm rebuilding my system after a trojan attack. Most things are up and running again but I cannot get my system to recognise my external drive - presumably my sata card is not registering. My card is a Silicon Image Si1 3112. It ran fine previously but now I cannot find a driver that I can install. I downloaded one from the SI website but when I opened it instead of an exe file I found a batch of files that I do not understand, with assorted endings. Is there a simple fix for an illiterate like me?