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  1. But, as I understand it, Office Integrator doesn't support Office 2000, which was my original concern. Bill.
  2. It can be done manually but is is VERY tedious. I had hoped that someone who is familair with Slipstreamer could explain how to automate the process. I think I could write a batch file but that is almost as tedious as doing it entirely manually. Bill.
  3. I just came across Slipstreamer and thought I'd use to make an up-to-date Office 2000 disc. I think there are about 50 updates since SP3 so it would be a great timesaver. Unfortunately, I have failed to make it work. I think the problem is that my O2K CD is a very early one before SR1. Slipstreamer works nicely and applies SR1 but I can't take the administrative installation it created and create a new one with SP3 and the subsequent updates. I also tried putting SR1 and SP3 in the box separated by a | in the same way as the updates are added. I did double check the product key. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance. Log files attached Test1.txt Test2.txt