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  1. Isn't beta? Try the released version,, and see if it works OK.
  2. Yes, apparently the viewers use some of the same .dll's as the full Office 2010 install - I guess the same way the 2007 compatibility pack uses some of the same .dll's as the full Office 2007. So if they update any of those .dll's used by the viewer, I get the Office 2010 update through Micro$oft update - and it does make the scan go to 99% CPU. I have to let it run overnight.
  3. No such luck for me - I have the PowerPoint Viewer installed, which is based on Office 2010. So I'm screwed for the duration
  4. Wow, what is it with the updates this week? Regular Patch Tuesday updates, Firefox ESR 52.2, Office 2003, not one but two Flash updates, Shockwave for Director, Silverlight - I haven't had this many updates during a single week in years!
  5. Yes, it downloads that relatively small file, which in turn is supposed to download the rest. That 2-stage download has always worked on XP before, but this month, it worked on my Win 7 system but not on my XP system. And I know I had plenty of space, because I had no problems downloading the offline (full) installers and running them. Don't know if anyone else had problems with the online Flash installers though. May have just been some kind of fluke on my system this month.
  6. Bersaglio listed the updates just released yesterday. Most of the updates in Microsoft's tables have been available for some time. KB958644 & KB2347290 were made available back when XP was still supported. KB4012598 and KB4012583 were made available to POSReady '09 systems in March. KB4012598 was made available to "plain" XP after the WannaCry[pt] attack, and KB4012583 was just recently made available to plain XP users. KB4018466 & KB4019204 were made available to POSReady '09 in May. KB4022747, KB4025218, KB4024402 & KB4022343 were part of yesterday's updates. That leaves KB3197835, which is the only one I don't have. It's a new update this month, but I think it only applies if you're running Microsoft's IIS Web server.
  7. I installed 11.00.20. It seems to work, but I've done no significant testing, "extensive" or otherwise.
  8. I just wanted to remark that the "online" installers (that download if you go to no longer seem to work on my XP system. I get bogus errors about my C: drive being full. The "offline" installers Bersaglio gives above work just fine, however.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, all you need to do is: Install MSI 4.5 (KB942288) Add the registry key: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\WPA\PosReady] "Installed"=dword:00000001 And that's it! You should then get PosReady '09 updates. Be aware that if you have any M$ Office products installed, the update scan process will be extremely slow and will take up most of your CPU.
  10. V2 of the fix is working fine for me. But then, I'm not sure the original KB4018556 was causing problems. I did have some trouble shutting down and starting back up once or twice after installing it, but after that it seemed to work OK. My understanding is, EsteemAudit requires access to the RDP port (TCP port 3389) of your system, so if that's blocked by your router or firewall you're probably OK even if you haven't disabled Smart Card authentication. The other way EsteemAudit could be used is if one system in your network became infected some other way, then used EsteemAudit to spread to the XP systems in your network. But that's probably not much risk to home or small office users. Edit: Also, if niko32 is right (and he probably is) you'd have to do some extra work just to enable the vulnerability on a non-domain-connected machine. So you probably don't need to do anything, although it wouldn't hurt to disable Smart Cards anyway. Businesses running XP or (real) POSReady '09 domain-connected systems are probably the ones most vulnerable. Edit 2: We may be the ten or so XP users who know how to keep their systems updated.
  11. Good! Downloaded & installed. Now if M$ would just fix the EsteemAudit vulnerability (since it affects XP and Server 2003, it's a good bet it affects POSReady '09 too)....
  12. I don't know if it helps, but here's what M$ has to say about KB982316 (along with download links for XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Server 2008): That probably explains why it isn't being pushed via Windows Update: it doesn't patch a specific, known vulnerability; instead it adds some extra protection to an uncommonly used Windows feature: On 32-bit XP, the only file replaced is tapicust.dll. I've read through the linked page, and AFAICS this isn't related to any of the recently-exposed NSA exploits. I don't think it hurts anything to install it, but don't expect it to do a lot to protect your PC from malware. I have no clue why they re-released it now, especially with no changes. It might have been re-released by accident, and that sounds to me like as good a guess as any.
  13. Not so fast. That's an old patch from 2010. M$ just re-released it; that's all. Also, it doesn't appear related to the RDP vulnerability ostensibly closed by the 3rd-party patch. M$ has updated the MSRT, though:
  14. Hmm.... I was willing to take a chance, but the web page for the download wouldn't work with Firefox 52.1.2, or IE 8. Had to use IE 11 on a Win 7 machine just to get the Web page to work. I guess if you really are running XP or 2003 you're screwed (unless the page works with Chrome 49). Then they ask for first & last name, COMPANY name, JOB TITLE, BUSINESS email, phone number, country, and (if you select US) state. Seems it's not available to individual XP users! Yet the Terms & Conditions state you get a "personal" license to use the patch. Still trying to decide whether to take the plunge on this one.
  15. Go ahead. I don't know of any reason not to update Windows Installer to v4.5.