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  1. I've now managed to get my drive back up and running. Thanks to the OP for the information, saved a lot of inconvenience!
  2. Hi, I am having a little trouble with this fix. My HD is a Maxtor DiamondMax 22. I got all the cables made up successfully and went through to clear the BSY state initially. This seemed to work and all the outputs from Hyperterminal were as expected. I put it back into the pc (a Dell Dimension 5100 if it matters) and it saw the drive in the bios but the capacity was 'unknown'. I figured I'd try the LBA fix, all outputs as expected, put it back in the PC and the drive was not detected by the bios again. Ok, so went back and did the bsy fix again including the G-List step, now back in the pc and yay! Detected and found the size (500Gb). Powered down, connected all the drives in the machine, powered up and the drive was no longer detected. Is it just the firmware problem thats stoppin it working fully or is there something I'm missing? I ended up leaving it last night as I was getting tired and didnt want to make a mistake but I'd really like to get this repaired. Thanks for any insight.