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  1. Hey fernando, I installed xp on my toshiba nb205 n325BL (which came with windows starter) as per your instructions. I got all the way through the gui install, and can boot up with my usb attached and selecting the GUI install option (it doesn't go through GUI install again, it just loads xp). However, when I boot up without the usb as my primary boot drive, and not plugged in at all it gives me a hal.dll error. Do I have to delete the hidden partition which is the system restore to windows 7 starter edition (factory conditions installed by toshiba), or can I keep it. *Other notes -It did copy all of the files from the usb to the 149g (out of 160) partition. -The hidden restore partition is also the first partition on the HDD/SDD w/e That's all I can think of, and thhank you for all of your help on this subject. Please help, Tony. *SOLVED IT MYSELF* I set the boot ini file to boot from the disk and partition my XP was installed on found through the LIST DISK and LIST PARTITION cmd functions. Again thanks for the solution to my problems