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  1. nothing.... the progress bar not run... i have the same grey rectangle... i make all the steps , gimagex x64 , startnet.cmd , and all packages..mhta...etc... nothing i don't understand where is MY error...
  2. 3. Right-click on the Boot Images container and click Add Boot Image. i can't find the boot image in the deploymentworkbench how i can find this folder ? Thanks thanks
  3. Thanks Alot I try with Winpe3.0 w7
  4. i think that's good for me if i can see a cmd percent progress like succeded for the diskpart
  5. Sorry but i not understand there are other file that i add to the hta project ? in the %win% system32? Oh my goooddD!! It's the last my bug
  6. Hy Guys!!! Your project is very very very a good project!!! I've find some problem with progress bar , i view a grey image on the centerscrre but not the progressbar... V.7.1 Winpe2.0 all package installed - Usb Boot Have you some feedback for this problem ? Thanks!!! P.s. sorry form my bad english