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  1. Hi folks, I'm brand new here and wanted to get straight in on this thread, my ST3500320AS 7200.11 500gb died (suddenly) a couple of days ago, it was part of a raid0 array, and I have months....years worth of stored data and I don't back up often enough (yes I am an id*** for putting so much trust in a raid0 array) I figured i had the BSY problem as my drive was not showing up in BIOS and not booting up, I have religiously followed the teachings on this and some other forums from some very selfless and clever people and I have collected all the relevant materials for carrying out the fix on this, I ended up getting a dedicatet USB to ttl converter lead from RS components, it works perfectly in hyperterminal and hooked up to the drive, I began the process and got as far as the level 2 part where I enter 'U' and get the 1009 DETSEC spin up I am much more sensible than to just give up and ask for help when I fall at the first hurdle, I carried on researching the issue and found various peoples solutions for this problem, I really am here now with no other options begging for an assist, I tried EVERYTHING!!! I cant tighten the screws down any more because they will strip the threads if I do, I put the pcb in the oven several times, I have swapped the pcb with the other raid drive which is from a matched pair (thats how I bought them) and I did swap the rom change, my only comment is that when i try the spin up command my drive spins up and makes a rythmic clicking sound before stopping and spinning down, sounds like "spin up-whizz-click-click-click-CLICK-whizz-click-click-click-CLICK-whizz-click-click-click-CLICK-spin down", is this bad? should I give up all hope including pro services? is there still likely to be an image on the platters? the odd thing I had was that after a cople of attempts at this fix the drive started showing up in BIOS, so I thought maybe I had fixed the BSY error by accident and could try the 0lba fix, but no joy, when i go to enter the m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 command it just gives an error, it also still shows me that it is still in bsy I lost my job the day after my comp died so dont want to spend ££££ on pro services, my drive was an OEM so seagate won't touch it. many thanks in advance for any efforts to help me