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  1. I agree its been rather unreliable for me also. Thanks Johan
  2. Does anyone know how to generate a new checksum for the WINPE_PROFILE file that is created with wpeutil SaveProfile. WINPE_PROFILE V1.0 x86 07/25/2012:22:18:32 6.1.9200 3CB257D9 I would appreciate any help you could provide.
  3. A network address means your adapter is configured for DHCP and cannot connect to a DHCP server. 1. What type of network do you have? 2. Do you have a DHCP server and if so what are you using ie router, Windows Server 2012 etc.?
  4. I have listed some tips for you that will hopefully be helpful. 1. You need to build the network drivers into WinPE with DISM Dism /image:R:\mountdir /Add-Driver /Driver:K:\driverdirectory\driver.inf 2. 'winpeinit' initializes WinPE and then 'wpeutil InitializeNetwork' initilizes the network. startup.cmd example @echo off wpeinit wpeutil WaitForRemovableStorage wpeutil InitializeNetwork ipconfig /all 3. 'but then PE automatically gives a 169 addres, says that it is an unknown network and wont show me the prompt to choose what type of network.' This is a common symptom of Windows machines which have been configured for DHCP but for whatever reason are unable to contact a DHCP server.
  5. Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) fully supports WinPE x86 as you will see when you download the package. I'm excited to follow your progress.
  6. The Windows 8 Developer Preview provides some interesting insite into the next version of WinPE. The system32 directory file versions are 6.2.8102.0 dated 8/23/2011. If you use VMWare Workstation to test you will need version 8 which was released today.