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  1. I have just tried the same procedure on another (W7) PC with exactly the same results: "Failed. No changes were saved." Makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong or the DVD or SP1 software is corrupt. Do you have a pointer to a reference to explain the reverse integration method please ? Eugene.
  2. Failed. No changes were saved. How can I establish what caused this error ? Are there log files ? I am on a Vista Home Premium SP2 64bit PC and am trying to create a DVD for Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit. I have changed the temporary directory to a disk with 900GB free. I have the original Microsoft DVD with no service packs copied to a folder, I also have downloaded Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330), vLite v1.2 and WAIK (just repaired after a 1.3GB download!) The process gets past the 'Integrating...' stage and on to the 'It is recommended to disable antivirus' stage when, at about halfway through, it gives this most unhelpful error message: 'Failed. No changes were saved'. Thanks Eugene.