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  1. I re-downloaded the installer & this time kaspersky found nothing (I was using the same virus definition used to scan the infected file). It seemed ahead accidentally uploaded the infected installer & then immediately changed it to a clean one. The MD5 is also different from the infected file.
  2. Five other people in 9down forum also got the same infected file from ahead website. Maybe it was indeed a false positive or ahead re-upload another file which is clean right now. I will try to redownload and rescan the file. btw..i scanned my computer & found no virus except for the nero installer
  3. Do not download the new version Kaspersky detected IM-Worm.Win32.Licat.f virus in the nero installer file.
  4. The integrate method does not work
  5. try renaming spru0407.dll in your hfint.dat. it seems that the english version uses xpsp3res.dll, while the german one uses spru0407.dll instead. let me know how it works here is my english version of hfint.dat: HFINT.txt
  6. KB893357, KB896344, KB890046, KB906569 (including KB912812) all have this xpsp3res.dll file. are you sure you have none of it? same trick as with KB885835, just rename mrxsmb.sys to mrxsmb.sys.tmp and it will integrate fine. i have the english version of winxp sp2 though
  7. rename all xpsp3res.dll (there are 4 in my setup) to xpsp3res.dll.tmp in HFINT.DAT, and you will be able to integrate kb912812 successfully. don't forget to rename all of the xpsp3res.dll.tmp back to xpsp3res.dll after the integration.
  8. WMC 2.0 integrated successfully....and i've no problem with Windows Update either. I can confirm that the /integrate option does work (iam using the english version though)
  9. Bashrat.. I think you forget to include the newest Intel driver: Intel Matrix Storage Manager v5.1.0.1022
  10. Bashrat...ALI/ULI chipset drivers has been updated to version
  11. Bahrat...just to let you know that Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility has been updated to version I hope this driver will make it into your upcoming driverpack chipset..thanks URL for download:
  12. Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (KB 893803) is now available at Check it out guys...
  13. VMware Workstation 5.0 Final is now available for download at the official site Check it out guys!
  14. ALI Integrated Driver v2.095 also includes SATA, LAN, VGA, etc for ALI/ULI chipset..perhaps these drivers will be available in your next upcoming driver packs?
  15. can find ALI chipset drivers at Ali and Uli are the same company. All of the driver downloads are now located at the Uli site.