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  1. Dear Fernando, cdob I did as cdob suggested: * Edit the "reg file for nForce AHCI systems.reg" file first, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE lines are split to two lines. Combine these to one line first * works great with WinXP SP3 pro / ASrock K10N78M Nvidia 8100 motherboard. Success! Thanks a lot for your help
  2. Dear Fernando 1, Can u please upload again file (reg file) that you once created for user gdm12345 (page 79 of this forum) for MCP78S \ GEForce 8200 chipset "@ gdm12345: I have prepared and uploaded a REG file, which might work for you. ( Download it here and unzip it. Before you run the REG file, you should do a backup of all your important datas. After having run the REG file, you should do, what the other authors already have written: 1. Reboot and enter the BIOS. 2. Enable AHCI, save the new BIOS settings and reboot. 3. When you get the "Found new hardware" message, stop the installation procedure, run the installer of the 18.11 driverpack and choose just the "MediaShield"/"Storage Driver" option. Good luck! Fernando " File is no longer available at rapidshare. Sorry for offtop and thanks in advance!
  3. Sorry, placed in a wrong thread. Moderator, pls remove the topic.