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  1. Can someone help me out on a few things, I would greatly appreciate it. I am using Virtual PC on Windows 7 x64 to test the .iso, but the Windows 7 x86 disk as my base. 1. How can I integrate the drivers necessary for video, lan, etc. (Specifically for Virtual PC)? 2. I have seen many posts (specifically on this site) saying that you have .NET 2.0 working, but with all the posts, I'm not sure what to do. I already have a working version using WinPE 2.0, but can't seem to figure out *exactly* what to do with WinPE 3.0 and Make_PE. 3. When I bring up Google using IE 8, it displays very weird and doesn't show images. Some other sites do display the images. 4. How do I integrate Flash? 5. Using the "My Computer" desktop shortcut, when I format my attached virtual drive, and create it as a C:, it doesn't show. It only shows when I use the "Explorer" shortcuts. I am used to using WinBuilder, and am trying out Make_PE so I'm a little on the learning curve here. I am not using this only for myself, but for my co-workers and anything I can do to make their lives easier is my primary goal. Thank you.