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  1. Ok...So, I have this problem, just found this thread, I've read several different versions of the instructions, even the ones on the google page. BUT, my sata power cable I think for the harddrive? all the sections are black, and there's only four wires, whereas the ones pictured have six I believe with easily distinguishable colors. I also don't have a serial port, so i'm assuming I'll have to use the nokia thingy for usb. But the instructions seem like they're for advanced DIY'ers, I am far and away, an amateur. So is it possible to get the steps in laymens terms X: Also perhaps a list of links to everything I would need to buy that I might not have? A retail list would be amazing. Or perhaps there's a simpler way just to get the data off the drive? I care little for the drive it self, There's just a few folders I wish to save, maybe 10~20 gb's. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, the 'bricking' of this drive has made the computer unusable[i'm saving up to build a whole new computer, didn't feel like spending the money on a replacement harddrive for this outdated one. OH, also a list of programs I might need to do it? XP was on the harddrive so I'm not really sure what all I need.