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  1. Upon your request I have reuploaded these specially modified 32/64bit versions of the Intel MSM driver v8.9.0.1023 to MediaFire.Here are the links: 32bit Intel textmode driver v8.9.0.1023 mod by Fernando 64bit Intel tectmode driver v8.9.0.1023 mod by Fernando Good luck! Fernando Thank you B) .
  2. Well, after a long search, I find out that Intel textmode driver mod by Fernando is still good at this time . If we still use the latest driver on post #1, we may get the BSOD when booting in IDE mod or in Virtual PC. But it still boot on AHCI mode in real hardware . May be, in the next version of driver, Fernando could solved this problem. It would be very convenient if we could add all SATA drivers into one discs (with the previous version of SATA drivers we could do that easily). Thank you Fernando and Sp0iLedBrAt for your help. Best wishes to you . PS: Would you mind uploading again "Intel textmode driver mod by Fernando" to mediafire for me? I have searched a lot but all link for this died.
  3. Well, this is one sample for multi SATA drivers in one disc : I still keep the discs which I have made since the previous version of Fernando's post, I have tested these discs in a lot of computers and they have been running well . From the last reply with you , I have tried some others way to find what is wrong in this version of SATA. And, even when I just intergated the Intel SATA driver, I got the BSOD again when testing in Virtual Machine , what's going on? I upload the next "LAST SESSION.ini" of nlite as a proof. Anybody could solved this problem? LAST SESSION.INI
  4. Thank you for your reply . But I often intergated drivers like that way (in the past, with the previous verson of Fernando's drivers) so I do not understand why this time it gets some errors. . PS: Fernando said: .
  5. I was trying to install windows XP SP3 with the latest Intel SATA drivers (, NVIDA, AMD AHCI, Jmicron, integrated in the installation ISO (done with nlite). During the installation however I 'm getting a bsod. Although this eror appeared when I test with Virtual PC, I ignored this and burned a disc to test. I am testing in the system: ASUS P5QL-PRO with ICH10. If I set the SATA mode to AHCI, the disk would boot well without any errors. But.... If I set the SATA mode to IDE, the Blue Screen appear with the same error. My temporary solution: I tried to del old OS Source, running Nlite again, adding fewer driver but it still not working. Could you help me, Fernando? Please. * I upload the file named "last session" that Nlite made. This file contains which types of drivers that I have intergated, could you see it and tell me if there is some mistakes? LAST SESSION.INI
  6. Thank you, Fernando.