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  1. huh really? I have both vlite and rt7lite installed, and they are working together just fine. When 1.07 comes out, Vlite will be a thing of the past, in so far as Windows 7 is concerned. I think I breach no confidentiality when I say you're all in for a Hell of a treat. well, vlite is still better in term of speed, stability and easy to use interface. RT7Lite is still too slow, crashing easily and... bensam56, would you please re-code the loading and saving configure.inf file section? It gets too annoying... First if RT7Lite crash in processing the image, all of my configures will be lose, even if I checked that "saving current configures" option. And if you try to load external configure file from somewhere else, making some adjust and try go back to Home and save the new file... everything is loaded again from the file I selected thus make me to re-do all the adjust I've just made... and the tweaks section too, everything will be "default" if I re-open the image again, even though I had changed it before. Guess I will just leave vLite doing most of the job for the time being,
  2. huh really? I have both vlite and rt7lite installed, and they are working together just fine. In fact, I follow dead0's guide, but instead of using only vlite, I use rt7lite to remove some more component that vLite can not remove. Well, there are still some errors along the way, like you can't use rt7lite twice without restarting computer in between, or getting "not found" exception using rt7lite to remove some nonexistent component (please, add more exception handling, I'm tired of those silly errors already), or "installation corrupted" error when installing windows... but all of it can be avoided, if you remember rebooting system every time before using 7lite, backing up current processing install source... and use vlite to rebuild image file each time you modify something by rt7lite... my installed windows still has some glitches, but most likely it's because I removed wrong things....