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  1. Anybody know of an alternative to Start Menu Search that looks for search terms within files? The utility that the writer mentions there searches only for the names of files and folders. Of course, one can always resort to Classic Shell. For as long as Microsoft allows it, anyway. --JorgeA
  2. What Microsoft is taking away from Windows 10 in the Anniversary Update Few of the things listed there will be missed. --JorgeA
  3. It's not the same idea, but one of my favorite movies is a fairly obscure one titled Interstate 60. One of the parts of this quirky film takes place in a town where lawyering has taken over completely and everyone is suing, or threatening to sue, everyone else. Illustrates the consequences of having too much of a good (?!) thing. --JorgeA
  4. Will you try to mitigate the issues with Windows 10, or will you live with them? --JorgeA
  5. The fire is spreading... Microsoft faces new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 free upgrade push --JorgeA
  6. I can hardly believe it -- not even a registry tweak will work anymore?? This is going to annoy professionals and businesspeople who bought Pro precisely because they expect it to give them greater control over the OS. Now they have to put up with all sorts of bloatware, just because the Lords of Microsoft decreed that it must be so. The basic agreement between Microsoft and its customers used to be, "You pay us for the product and you can do what you want with it." Now it's changing over to, "You pay us for the product and we tell you what you can do with it." Microsoft's increasingly imperious attitude is offensive and outrageous. --JorgeA
  7. Tim Sweeney: Microsoft is trying to kill Steam with Windows 10 --JorgeA
  8. Microsoft makes Cortana unkillable in Windows 10 Anniversary Update -- but you can disable her The distinction seems to be that the UI for disabling Cortana is being removed even as it remains possible to get rid of it via Group Policy or in the Registry. Bottom line: the less-technically inclined will get sucked into the Cortana matrix, with no evident way out; staying free of it requires increasing amounts of expertise. --JorgeA
  9. Speech monitoring brought to you, courtesy of Skype. Everything you say goes into our cloud servers and is subject to the Microsoft Services Agreement... --JorgeA
  10. Thanks, Noel. Here's one "interesting" thing in the change list (#6): [emphasis added] Reminds me of the intro to the old TV show The Outer Limits: [youtube] "We are in control, do not try to adjust your set modify your hardware..." --JorgeA
  11. ExtremeTalk: Does anyone actually love Windows? Well said. --JorgeA
  12. Seems to me they would have gotten a lot more upgrades (and a lot less heat) if they had even retained the features they already had in Windows 7 but then added to these the things that are actually new in Windows 10. Sure, add a listing for the Windows Store in the (real) Start Menu. Offer flat, opaque windows as an alternative to Aero Glass, not as the only built-in choice. DirectX 12, go for it -- but why do you need to remove Windows Media Center and dismember Control Panel? --JorgeA
  13. Yeah, at this point the nagware serves purely as a way to increase the cost to the user of staying on an earlier version of Windows. Which may be part of the plan. --JorgeA
  14. What a nightmare. Keep us posted. --JorgeA
  15. I haven't received this email (yet). Did they provide a link to the new MSA language, or at least a rundown of what's changed? If I had paid $$ for a Windows license (assuming that this will be affecting Windows) and then they changed the terms, I would be really p*ssed and demand my money back, as those were not the terms under which I consented to the agreement and chose to give them my money. --JorgeA P.S. Nice picture, BTW. Very fitting expression!