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  1. Does anyone where I can find old versions of CATIA to download that supports Windows 95, 98, and ME? I tried CATIA V5R21, but as usual, is not supported. I tried googling for old versions, but all I get is documentations and other random stuff.
  2. August 24th, 1995, Windows 95 was released. It finally offered a graphical user interface similar to that of the Apple Macintosh and OS/2, after previously using the MS-DOS executive and Program Manager from Windows 1 to Windows 3.11. Windows 95 introduced the familiar features seen in the current versions such as the taskbar, windows explorer, and the start button. It was available in both diskettes and CD. The floppy disk version did not include internet explorer, but the CD version did. The later versions of Windows 95, known as OSR2, 2.1, and 2.5, were never available for retail and was sold only by OEM's. My first two computers ran Windows 95, though I only mainly used it for playing games. I really didn't start using the internet until I got a computer that ran Windows XP. A couple of years ago, I salvaged an old computer and installed Windows 95 OSR 2.5. It still runs today. What are your experiences of using Windows 95?
  3. So the Inspiron 8600 can run Windows 98?
  4. Hello, I've been wondering which laptops are considered the best to run Windows 98 on. Are there laptops that have at most 1 GB of RAM, a built-in wifi, and has a good amount of GHz that can run Windows 98 almost flawlessly? Currently I have a Dell Inspiron 3800 that runs Windows 98, but it is already showing its age. It has a broken hinge, dead CMOS battery, a battery that no longer holds a charge, and constant hanging.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know any Macintosh emulators that supports 9x? The only emulator I know is SoftMac, but that requires a Mac ROM card installed inside a PC in order to emulate a Mac OS.
  6. Hello. I have a Dell OptiPlex GX110 that runs Windows 95 version C. Today, I installed the unofficial OSR2 Service Pack from the MDGx website. After it was installed, I'm noticing that whenever I try to shutdown or restart my computer, the computer hangs at the screen that saids "please wait while your computer shuts down", making me have to turn off the computer manually. Did the service pack do something that is causing the computer to hang? Before I installed the service pack, I had no issues when shutting down and restarting the computer.
  7. DSL. I run it for easier access to email.
  8. The internet is all fine. Its just AOL that I'm having issues with.
  9. So I installed America Online 7.0 (the last desktop version for Windows 95) on my Win95 computer. It worked nicely. However today, when I log into AOL, it hangs for a few minutes and the welcome screen appears, but I get a message saying "AOL has detected an error with your connection to the internet. Please exit the AOL software, restart your computer, and then sign on again." Though I can access my emails, I cannot use the internet on it. I restarted it lots of times, even reinstalling it, and I get the same result. Does anyone know what the problem is?
  10. Can anyone give me a list of the latest video cards that were available for Windows 95 before it got discontinued?
  11. Does anyone know any animation software and drawing applications that are available for Windows 9x?
  12. There was a topic here a few years ago about viewing youtube videos on firefox on a Windows 95 system by modifying NPSWF32.DLL of flash player 7 to make it look like flash player 8. I was wondering, can you do the same thing in opera?
  13. Have you uninstalled previous version? I have installed version for alternative browsers only and I don't have any problem. Tried it, but ended up with the same result. I had no choice but to install Flash 9 instead.
  14. I have an issue on the newer Adobe Flash Player 10.2 with KernelEX on my Windows 98 laptop. Everytime I go on a website that uses flash player (ex. Youtube) on IE, Firefox, and Opera, the browsers crashes.
  15. What does it mean that it works with Windows 95 shell?