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  1. I'm sure those issues will be solved in next build. But I cannot give assure for XP hosts Same problem here, exact same config you got. Seriously hoping for a fix, thanks! Hi, Just install the flash player from Adobe website, greetings
  2. note : I have installed grub on the sda6 instead of overwriting the windows boot loader on sda and sda1, plz help
  3. Hello I have Windows 7 installed on my system, I have installed linux on my same hard drive, but I need the capability of booting into linux from windows 7 loader, how would I do that ? EasyBCD didn't help because it is compatible with Vista (I tried on windows 7 and failed) Thanks
  4. Hi While I tried to use RT Seven Lite to make a customized DVD I had a problem, and that is an error message says some error with "Specialized" Parameter in the AutoUnattended.xml file, and now I don't know what to do ? Please Help if you know a solution or a better software, thanks