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  1. Hi all, I am having problems with trying to set up a RAID 1 with Windows XP. I have two harddrives of 1TB each. If I now go to my computer after the installation, C-drive is 39GB, that is what I wanted it to be. But the rest, approx. 900GB, is not aviable. Drive D is 0 Byte. However, rightclick, properties, hardware gives me in the list NVIDIA MIRROR 931.51G, so windows somehow does get it. What can I do to get the D-drive to the ~900GB that it should have? If I rightclick on it and want to format, it sais 39GB, just as C-drive. (During the installation, I first put up two 40-GB-parts + the rest, then deleted the secound 40-GB-partition to have 40GB for Windows and the whole rest. However, in the list during Windows-Setup, I then had 40GB partitioned, 40GB unpartitioned, ~900GB unpartitioned)