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  1. When I enter the serial number, Seagate tells me that I can proceed with Step 4, so I understand that it's really affected. Perfect. It sounds normally. I'm sure it's the problem associated with SD15 firmware. One day it was working properly, the following day it was not recognized by BIOS (it even caused another Seagate not to be recognized). It also made POST to last around a minute (much longer than usual) in two different computers (I think this is another symptom). Also, the disc spun but I couldn't hear the heads afterwards (I'm not sure about this). Now I can hear the heads moving, BIOS shows "IDE Hard Disk" and my doubt is what i365 would have done to it. Maybe it's in a state to be easily recovered by them but impossible with the known methods... I understand that "IDE Hard Disk" is not the way your disks were returned from i365 then.
  2. Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I think i365 (Netherlands) have just done the same to me. I sent them a 7200.11 500GB drive with BSY failure and they told me to pay 775€ to recover the data (then less than 500€ if I was not in a hurry). I asked them to return it to me. Now I have a drive with something like the LBA0 problem. I'm new here and I have one question: Does the LBA0 problem show the correct model number in BIOS? My drive now shows itself as "IDE Hard Disk" when booting, and 0GB size in BIOS (it spins and I can hear the heads moving). Is this the typical behaviour? Should it be as easy to fix as you are talking here? Thank you very much!