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  1. is having WAIK installed required to run RT7Lite? Because I dont have it installed and ive been running it and testing slipstreaming just fine. I thought I read that if you run RT7Lite on Win7 you dont need WAIK. Maybe I should Install it?
  2. Guillaume, what kind of registry tweaks do you do? Any good ones you care to share?
  3. Is there any update on progress of the newest version? Maybe an estimated release date?
  4. thanks, I tried out that WPI program and it is very good!
  5. you should be able to add it to the list of applications to install after windows setup.
  6. So I have found out how to make auto installers with 7zip and the sfx files. It works really nice and I want to include them in a slipstreamed version of Windows, but instead of having a "Yes/No" for each application, is there a way to include them in one big installer and then check off which ones I want to install and then click an "ok" button to install them? Thanks!
  7. Do you have Hardware Virtualization turned on in your PC's BIOS?