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  1. OK. Just to confirm that it works. Windows 7x86, Windows XP and Ubuntu. Sorry again for asking about Hiren's, couse I had no idea it is Warez...
  2. OK, as long as I know, hiren's is not warez software (or whatever u call it), but, even hiren's is not *must to*. What about Win7 and WinXP? Can that be done? And, I did searched the forums, but didn't search for *hirens* but for *win7 and windows xp*; *windows 7 windows xp*; *7 xp*, and all other stufff. I didn't even thought that hiren's could make any troubles... Anyways, it's too late here to try Win7 & XP now, so I'll try it tomorrow, and sorry for asking about Hiren's. I really had no idea it's forbidden, warez, and that it could make any trouble. First thing in the mourning, trying WinXP & 7 installation...
  3. Hi thre. I would like to know is there a way to have Windows 7, Windows XP, Hiren's, and maybe Ubuntu on one flash drive? Ubuntu is not *must*. Anyway, i tried doing it normal way, and selecting three sources (win7,xp,hirens) and flash boot's first time normally, but after that, it won't boot anymore, so I guess I'm doing something wrong. I also tried searching thru forum, but can't seem to find anything. I guess there are questions like this already asked, and I'm sorry, but I really can't seem to find it, and this page has too many pages to read them all, so if anyone could post me a link to explanation on how to do this, or explain that to mw, I would be really grateful. Thanks again, and sorry...