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  1. Well, that will be your problem... Always connect all the 3 wires to the diagnostics port. You could have had it working yesterday, when you (probably) used the power supply of the same computer as to where the RS232-interface was connected to (since in that case the ground of the power-connector was used), but this isn't the proper way of doing things and you'll be creating a "Ground-loop"... Greetz, Peter. Can i use the black cable on the ttl-232r-3v3 usb cable for ground? Or should i find a real ground and connect to there? TIA doooda
  2. I turned the computer and hdd off for the night and now the COM4 port is working fine. I have no luck to get into diagnostics-mode, it worked once yesterday. What can I do wrong? Or is it something I can do differently? Little background: My disk is a 1,5 TB (ST31500341AS) with cc1h firmware. Was ok for a few months the one day i got a message that it got a SMART error and after reboot it was gone. For this guide i use a ttl-232r-3v3 usb cable with external power supply, i have tried for an PSU too but no success. My orange cable is connected to the drives RX-pin and the yellow cable is connected to the TX-pin. I have not connected any cable to the ground-pin. TIA dooda
  3. I tried this guide last night. I went fine until i sent the command: N1 To the SMART erase. After that I got this: Init SMART Fail LED:000000CC FAddr:00239CED Every minute or so i got another LED:000000CC FAddr:00239CED. After a while i disconected to start over. But now i can communicate with the drive. It say COM4 already open. Anyone have any clues what i can do? Or is it totally bricked now? It was fun anyhow and thanks to Gradius all you others in this thread. TIA dooda